Could India Sweeney be Australia’s next big thing?

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Could India Sweeney be Australia’s next big thing?

Hailing from Wollongong, India Sweeney has emerged with a sound that is truly mesmerising and has us sold that she will be one to keep tabs on.

Her debut single ‘Fly’, out via Stoney Roads Records, is a poignant blend of pop and electronic, creating a magical fusion of sound from her angelic vocal range and her unique take on production.

Speaking on the release and the motive behind it, the former Jazz music student writes “I love writing pop because I think it’s what I need at this time in my life – something that I can dance to and have fun with. I’m sick of being serious when it comes to music and I think that’s what turned me away from playing Classical piano and jazz.”

She added that “I would love for people to feel care free when they listen and maybe find a piece of their life in the lyrics.”

Listen to ‘Fly’ below, and follow India’s Facebook for more updates.


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