Berlin government to donate €1 million towards nightlife

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Berlin government to donate €1 million towards nightlife

iIt’s really nice to see a city parliament actively fighting for it’s nightlife, isn’t it? That is exactly what Berlin’s government is doing after dropping 1 million into the nightlife industry in order to help clubs pay for soundproofing.

The city is swiftly becoming one of the most sought after spots for developers in Germany – even to the point where it was feared Berghain might be lost – however an estimated 50% of its tourism is thanks to the nightlife culture, so naturally, this means providing clubs the resources to sound proof. A win for developers and a win for nightlife!

Speaking on the the city’s club culture, Green Group’s club spokesperson Georg Kössler says it “has given Berlin so much that the city now has to save the clubs”. Great attitude, Georg.

The Club Commission’s Lutz Leichsenring is also welcoming of the funds, writing “In a densely populated city, where residential development is close to music venues, investment must be made in noise protection to ensure coexistence.”

Great work, Berlin. You’ve proved once again that you’re the coolest damn city in the world.

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