5 ways to treat your producer mates this Christmas

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5 ways to treat your producer mates this Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly, wub wub wub wub wub, wub wub wub wuub.

Christmas presents are no easy venture when you’re looking to really hit the nail on the head in pleasing your loved ones with the right gift. But a good tip for picking out something that works, is appeal to their own personal interests rather than a universal gift. You want to be personable, and show that you really know them.

We know a lot of you want some upgrades on your production software, and trust us, your bedroom producer friends that are in your ‘collective’, want that just as much as you. A tool to help them at their craft, it has long-term benefits and will hit them right in the heart at first glance.

We don’t get paid much in this industry, like at all, so we’re telling you that we understand and have taken into account your need to compromise on price. But it’s almost become a trend with how many producers are stripping back on the expansive, unattainable setups and utilising simpler, more homespun equipment to create their music. We here at Stoney definitely do not believe that more money spent means better music made, less is more, so we have decided to provide you shoppers with 5 easily affordable, but perfectly awesome items for the electronic producer.

AGK K-52s

The AGK K-52s land in the $69 mark, and are perfect for home recording sessions with your laptop. They’re excellent when it comes to mixing and hearing the clarity of a final track. They’re comfortable like a beanie, with their adjustable headband, which makes them work perfectly for those long all-nighter sessions or when you spend 4 hours trying to get the right snare. Of the AGKs, this is a pretty neat deal, headphones of this brand commonly land in the $250 range, and while this may not be a pricey K-240, it’s certainly got some of it’s DNA in it.

Zeepin BM-800

The Zeepin BM80 is a mic for recording acoustic instruments, and is a cardioid system which means it can take in sound from all around the room, giving it good echo and density. They’re great if you want to record some organic sounds such an guitar or drum kit, because they are known to capture the larger sound of the instrument being played. It’s an excellent tool for recording vocals for electronic music because it can help the vocals appear more passive, rather than sharp and attacking.


Vinyl is what makes for some of the best organic sounds. Look at madlib, all samples. Dilla, all samples. Kanye went hard with the samples, and all these guys have such nice percussion sounds and natural feel to their beats. Dig and collect from a particular label, blue notes is pretty popular in the world of hip-hop, or grab some samples from early 80s, the realm is yours really. Vinyl can be $15, can be $60, depending on the rareness and the speciality of it, so spend as you please.

White hoodie

You want to be an electronic producer, selling yourself as one is half of the process. A white hoodie suggests that you’re approachable, but don’t put yourself out there too much. You can make an accessible pop track, but you’d rather make wonky/experimental hip-hop. These can land in a $40 range pretty comfortably, if not cheaper, so you don’t have to bend over backwards to attain them


Money for sponsored posts

As annoying and seemingly laughable as this might be, it’s legit. Any up and coming artists needs this. This industry involves a lot of money being spent on getting yourself out there, although enough to have a good return on this investment. If you want to get your music into the ears and your name on the eyes of many, spend some money on getting that “sponsored” tag, or getting some good press releases. Trust me, this helps just as much as upgrading your Ableton, that is if you’re making worthy tunes. Facebook reach ain’t easy.

Hopefully this pleases your producer buddy, and doesn’t leave your wallet empty with just some remnants of last years festivals tickets.

(Lead image via Concrete Playground)


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