Yung Lean releases impressive new album ‘Stranger’

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Yung Lean releases impressive new album ‘Stranger’

After a lot of build up, with 3 incredibly dope singles Red Bottom SkyHunting My Own Skin and Skimask, the renowned rap prodigy and top-of-the-line meme lord Yung Lean has given us his new album third studio album Stranger via YEAR001. 

Continuing his innovative Soundcloud rap style which opened the gate for many of our favourite artists, and for many more to come, Yung Lean croons through his sticky melodies and doesn’t let go of his knack for catchy phrases that you will quote to all your friends who may think you’re a little crazy. He pushes the boundaries with inventive production that builds on his cloud-rap style, but with a lot more textures to make this album feel very in the now. His southern-rap inspired flow and punk mentality come through in the most endearing way yet again, and prove Yung Lean to be one of modern hip-hops most precious treasures.

Internet/Soundcloud rap has found itself in quite a renaissance this year, so it’s only right for the king of the style to return to remind us who’s in charge here. Along with Lil B, Yung Lean is a true veteran and this album will convince you to respect him as such.


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