You can now watch Daft Punk’s 2007 ‘Alive’ show in full

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You can now watch Daft Punk’s 2007 ‘Alive’ show in full

10 years after the release of the seminal live album Alive from legendary Daft Punk, it’s fair to say that it can be considered a classic release for electronic music. Well now, the visual for the soundtrack has been unearthed for us, as someone has kindly (kindly to us at least) uploaded the full set at Paris onto Vimeo.

Sure it’s a handheld camera video, so it’s a little shaky, but the position that this person was standing in works great for the view of the set – plotted in the middle of the crowd. The main element of this show that made it so special were the visuals, such as the iconic pyramid stage and light display, which this video has captured so perfectly. The audio is in complete HD, every song sounds excellent due to a pretty awesome feature on Vimeo that allows sound to come through very cleanly on a 90min long convert video.

Check the video out right here, and hit rewind to 10 years ago to witness this iconic moment:

Alive 2007 [Color Corrected] [HD Audio] [Full Concert] [1080p] from Xero Foxx on Vimeo.


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