The Gaslamp Killer has sued his rape accusers for defamation

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The Gaslamp Killer has sued his rape accusers for defamation

Low and behold: The Gaslamp Killer has filed a defamation lawsuit for $5 million against his rape accusers, Chelsea Torados and RaeAn Medina, as well as one of their boyfriends for good measure.

In October, Chelsea Tarados wrote an open letter to the Internet, accusing The Gaslamp Killer (a.k.a William Bensussen) of drugging and raping both her and best friend RaeAn Medina at a Los Angeles hotel party in 2013. As this story spread, Bensussen responded defensively in a statement to Mixmag, claiming he has done no wrong.

However, Bensussen has retaliated by filing suit, claiming in documents obtained by TMZ that a consentual three-way took place, and that their accusations were “malicious and fabricated”. He claims that two witnesses (one of them, his housemate) can confirm that the drinks he purchased for the women were in their sight at all times and untampered with. One witness, named Peter R, said that he saw the women leave with Bensussen “under their own power, and did not seem incapacitated.”

As the accusations spread, The Gaslamp Killer was dropped from his residency at weekly LA club night, Low End Theory, and his Australian tour cancelled abruptly.





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