Premiere: Triple One unleash menacing and eerie video to their new track ‘Snake Bite Betty’

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Premiere: Triple One unleash menacing and eerie video to their new track ‘Snake Bite Betty’

Emerging from Sydney’s Inner West comes a unique and game changing group that goes under the name of Triple One and holey moley you’d better strap yourselves in because their latest offering ‘Snake Bite Betty’ is quite literally the only thing that’s relevant on your agenda today.

Triple One have developed quite a bit of a cult following since surfacing onto the internet a few years ago and since then, the group have seen a number of releases as well as a couple of well-crafted video clips to accompany them. Today they dropped the video to their latest masterpiece ‘Snake Bite Betty’ and I gotta say… the first thing that came to my head was – this is cooked. Second thing – don’t fuck with these guys.

‘Snake Bite Betty’ pulls components from Rap, Rock and Electronic music into one exciting and eccentric tune and while that seems like an unlikely combination, Triple One execute that idea perfectly. Don’t believe us? Have a geez yourself.

Just like the visuals, the song is dark, raw and bold. That’s just the top layer of it. Bottom-heavy drums, distorted, crushing electric guitars, a well-rounded bass line tied in with a small bracket of metallic sounding minor notes give the track itself a menacing yet high-energy aspect to it. ‘Snake Bite Betty’ carries an EXTREMELY catchy vocal hook while the other Triple One members take turns effortlessly spitting bars.

The video is almost seductive in a way. Set in a sweaty garage, the clip reels us in with its grungy and grime aesthetic paired with the DIY quality of the clip. It’s a beautiful, hot mess. A plastic flying bat, Scar the lion’s head as a ring, the nice collection of fashionable sunnies, vibrant nail polish and ivory lipstick are just the quirky, fun bits and pieces that give the video loads of character.

After watching the video a number of times, the chorus is completely seared into my brain. Am I sorry? Hell no. Am I going to watch this video again? Fck yeah!

Watch Triple One‘s video clip ‘Snake Bite Betty’ Let us know whatcha think.



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