Premiere: Dream Coast share nostalgic, synth-driven tune ‘Releaser’

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Premiere: Dream Coast share nostalgic, synth-driven tune ‘Releaser’

Wow, this will take you back in time despite being brand new. 

Brisbane duo Dream Coast might not ring any bells as of yet, however they are absolutely doing everything right when it comes to creating a unique sound that will turn heads, and their new track is a prime example of that.

Titled ‘Releaser’, this brooding release sees the pair build a textural, heavy-hitting instrumental piece that shows impressive production maturity despite these guys being fairly new on the scene.

Speaking on the track, Dream Coast write: Our songs usually begin as huge synth jams using sequencers and a loop pedal. For example, the song ‘Releaser’ actually began as an 8 hour jam which was ambient and a lot faster. I (Josh) then record and refine jam material over a few months while Conor works on related artwork and animation. We are currently working on a larger concept album which will be quite immersive and trippy.”

Listen to ‘Releaser’ below and see what you think.


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