Lewis Cancut has just dropped some fresh music!

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Lewis Cancut has just dropped some fresh music!

After a big year filled with glowing releases, Melbourne’s Lewis Cancut and Jordan Variant teamed up for a very ‘melodicpost-human love song’. Their latest offering ‘i15′ is a nice, stripped, laid-back electronic listening piece with Jordan Variant‘s soft and lush vocals complimenting Lewis Cancut‘s production.

i15′ is bubbly and animated and has nice bright Pop synth stabs that give the track a ‘sparkle’ effect. It’s super bouncy and has lots of layers to create a spacey and fizzy atmosphere. Jordan Variant‘s vocals are soothing, blissful and set the mood to the track, spiralling us into a completely different dimension.

This will be NLV Records last single for the year and they’ve ended the year on an impressive note. We can’t wait to see what next year brings us! Listen to ‘i15′ below!


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