KOWL shares groovy new single ‘You & Me’

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KOWL shares groovy new single ‘You & Me’

The ever-fresh KOWL has dropped his latest tune, ‘You & Me‘, and we guarantee it will get you out of your seat.

Tasmania-based KOWL (Cal Young) has sealed his name within Electronic music through various projects, from being one-half of The Scientists of Modern Music, to producing pop-queen Asta’s breakout single, ‘My Heart Is On Fire’. His first solo musical endeavour, KOWL is blending his past experiences together to form something entirely his own.

In ‘You & Me’, KOWL has pieced together a groovy instrumental puzzle of Funk, Electro and House. Showing kudos towards French house influences, the track is led by a slapping bass line, retro synths and an infectious melody. It’s joyous, groovy, and about 10 other positive adjectives.

Get on it, below.


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