Flume to soundtrack National Art Gallery of Australia art exhibition

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Flume to soundtrack National Art Gallery of Australia art exhibition

Aussie dance icon Flume is taking on new mediums after pretty much succeeding in every aspect he can with music. The talented producer has moved towards the visual arts and no he’s not painting (although that would be pretty cool), he’s instead creating a soundtrack to an exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Australia.

Being selected for his consistent collaborations with Jonathan Zawada (who’s done most of his album art and visuals with him), his incredible track Hyperreal ft Kucka from ‘The Companion EP II’ will soundtrack a video piece called Hyper Real. However, the legend himself has taken matters into his own hands and is creating original compositions to go with the art sculptures and figures witnessed throughout the tour. Bit of a stretch to hear new Flume music but we’re honestly considering it. There will also be a curated Flume Art & Sound music pop-up that will be in the exhibition during afternoon hours.

This is an interesting step for Flume but it really feels like the next move for his creativity to expand. It’s a challenge but so was winning a grammy, so we have high hopes for the reception of this.

Check a clip of the ‘Hyper Real’ video here:



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