Eves Karydas returns with new single ‘There for You’

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Eves Karydas returns with new single ‘There for You’

Eves Karydas (f.k.a Eves The Behaviour) is back with a new persona and an electro-pop banger with ‘There For You’. Coming through with a gorgeous blend of her singer-songwriter sensibilities with her adventurous pop production, Eves is giving us the full extent of herself as an artist, and it’s damn captivating.

The track features detailed production with bright synths and a heavy bass tone, creating a warm atmosphere to the track to help lure us in to the heart of Eves. Her lyrics come from a place of the confusion and vulnerability that comes from being so far away from home, which is depicted powerfully through her gentle vocal delivery and pretty melody.

Giving off similar vibes to Lorde and Haim, Eves could put herself up there in the realm of powerful sophisticated pop artists with tracks like this. Her effervescent persona and liberating message comes through in the simple but effective video, as she dances around like no one is watching.

What’s next for Eves? We’re not too sure yet, but it will definitely be pretty big if this track indicates anything.


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