10 timeless French Touch tracks that’ll get you moving

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10 timeless French Touch tracks that’ll get you moving

French Touch is more than just a great sounding name. It’s a classic sound that saw the success of popular outfit Daft Punk with its generally versatile sound that can be thrown down in sets from house to pop and party.

There have been a lot of bangers in the genre and today we’ll go over some of our favourites that feel like they were and will be played for eternity!

1. Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

This one’s a no brainer, Modjo hit it out of the ball park with this baddy. Conceived in the early 2000s around the era of the Daft Punk come up it epitomises what is timeless about the genre. That smooth bass hook makes it one of those tracks that you’re likely to hear played out any week of the year.

2. Thomas Bangalter – Club Soda

Thomas Bangalter, one of the founding fathers of the French touch sound doesn’t always fly under the Daft Punk banner. Off one of their offshoot labels, Roulé, he produced Club Soda, a slow brooding tune that really gets the slower funk feel firing hot.

3. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro

Not much to say about Intro, because it’s just a building banger of a track that demands a boogie. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke were pioneers of the French Touch sound and they really drove this one home.

4. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

Heralded as on of the best of the best. Around its release it was known as one of the few songs you could play twice in a night without a single complaint through the house. It’s an iconic piece, once again from the Daft Punk offshoot label Roulé. Stardust themselves included Alan Braxe, Bangalter and vocalist Benjamin Diamond, and would never release another tune together. Sometimes there’s no need to build on perfection.


5. The Supermen Lovers (feat. Mani Hoffman) – Starlight

Okay, I’ll pay that this one isn’t the touchiest of the French songs. But when compiling a list of French house tracks that push into that touch vibe, I personally can’t push past Starlight. Known just as much for its catchy vocal chorus as its super weird video clip. Have a watch, have a listen, feel enlightened.

6. Le Knight Club – Hysteria

As Thomas Bangalter had his own label, so did Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo with Crydamoure. Le Knight Club had a bunch of belters released through the label and this is probably one of my favourites as far as timeless tunes go. Simple disco based loops gives a consistent sound that’s easy to build a night around.

7. Cassius – Feeling For You

One of my favourite things about this track is that it has an Avicii edit. All jokes aside, this tune really does hold up as a solid classic with a quick beat and a catchy repetitive vocal hook that would be the foundation for the countless edits floating around.

8. Etienne De Crecy – Prix Choc

Part of the duo of absolutely key influential players in the scene, Motorbass. French house was all duo Étienne de Crécy and Phillippe Zdar knew as a duo. But pushing past the duo and onto Etienne’s solo work we get this timeless beauty. Released around the same time as Motorbass’s Pansoul, this solo work has more of a soul loungey feel to it while still remaining undeniably French house.

9. Daft Punk – Revolution 909

We’ve been tip toeing around this one. Daft Punk have a bunch of timeless French house classics. But this isn’t a 10 timeless Daft Punk songs list. That’s not a bad article idea though. Revolution 909 really epitomised a sound that Daft Punk would eventually somewhat leave behind. Perfect filters, perfect loops, and a driving beat that makes you tap your feet. Sometimes forgotten in the greater scheme of Daft Punk, but never forgotten in the scheme of French touch!

10. St Germain – Sentimental Mood

You can’t make a French Touch list without mentioning this classic. Said to be the creator of the sound, this track uses less filtered disco loops and more classic piano-jazz sounds in a tune that would pave the way for the disco infused music that has remained timeless.

So those were our picks, tell us what we missed, or what you would have preferred in the mix!


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