Yung Lean returns with eclectic new track ‘Skimask’

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Yung Lean returns with eclectic new track ‘Skimask’

Swedish rap prodigy and creative powerhouse Yung Lean has released yet another single from his highly anticipated forthcoming album Stranger. This kid has not stopped setting the internet on fire with genre-bending rap tracks for almost 5 years and it still sounds as fresh and entertaining as it did back then. Yung Lean, don’t ever change.

Straying away a bit from his ‘cloud rap’ roots, this new track features a bouncy, trap-inspired stripped back beat that Lean rides over the top of with his signature crooning vocals. The influence that this rapper has on the current wave of 2017 rap is ever so clear with this melody resembling something Lil Uzi Vert would come up with, but with a beat as filthy as SoundCloud producers get. His adlibs just add that extra bit of fun and hype that a track like this needs, and Lean himself is an expert at getting your attention through his personality rather than lyrical content. It’s certainly an odd type of banger, which shows that even though he predates this era of SoundCloud rap, he can still very easily drum up a unique track that doesn’t sound too 2012.

We eagerly await his return to Australian shores, which will hopefully be announced soon as he’s about to hop on a UK run. The new album drops November 10th on YEAR0001, so we have that to look forward to for now.


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