Turns out Nang use is heavily on the rise in Australia

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Turns out Nang use is heavily on the rise in Australia

Nangs. You all know what they are. They are those little canisters of nitrous oxide that you’ll likely see scattered around the floor after a party.

They’re traditionally used for less than exiting tasks, such as whipping cream, but over time punters have discovered a more ‘exciting’ use – if I dare say so myself – as these little fellas can get you high… Kinda.

Anyway, like all good things, it turns out they aren’t very good for you, and as usage of nangs rises in Aus so do the fears of our medical professionals.

During an interview on ABC’s 7.30, Dr Andrew Dawson – the director of Westmead Hospital’s Poisons Information Centre, said:

“Very recently I had a 20-year-old patient whose brain appeared to have the same level of damage as an alcoholic who had been drinking for 40 years. We have had a doubling of the number of calls from hospitals about significantly affected people from nitrous oxide exposure. Those effects are severe nerve injury, or sometimes brain injury. There has been a real spike over the last two years.”

As nangs are still currently legal, there is nothing really stopping you from sucking the balloon all weekend, however there have been 2 recorded deaths since 2010.

I guess, like all things, moderation is key. And don’t be a idiot about it. No one really needs to have over 100 nangs, after all.

Anyway, here’s a website dedicated to nangs. Don’t expect too much else from it.

(Source: PedTV)


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