The worst music festival has been found and WOW it looked crap

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The worst music festival has been found and WOW it looked crap

If there was a legitimate competition for the crummiest music festival, it would certainly be a tight race between Fyre Festival and The Gathering but I dare say The Gathering wins the race.

The South Carolina based music festival took place over the weekend, boasting a hard-hitting electronic lineup including ATLiens, Leah Culver and more, and has been getting rinsed online for the absolute atrocity it turned out to be.

With tix ranging from $10 – $145 (?) with a zero refund policy, the event’s main stage was nothing more than a flimsy pile of speakers and some ply wood in a sketchy looking park. See below:

Even the headliners, ATLiens had no clue what they were getting themselves into, commenting on EDM Confessions original post about the event that they “had no idea what we were getting ourselves into”.

To top it off – and this really comes as no surprise – one of the DJ’s booked for the event, DJ Josh Ware claims he had to assist in building the stage. And he wasn’t paid. Shock.

He went on to say that “Me and like four or five dudes are the only reason anyone had a stage to even play on. I’m giving him until Friday to pay me.  I don’t want my money from anyone else but Andrew or his wife.”

Check out the side stage below. Lol.

Surely this entire event was a piss take, right? I’m actually impressed with the level of this stitch-up. However the man behind the event, Andrew Murdock has been fairly quiet on Twitter and after deleting the Facebook event it looks like he doesn’t have want a bar of the atrocity he started.

Read more on the event and some of the experiences right here. Is this the worst looking shindig you’ve ever seen?

(Via: Inthemix)



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