SAFIA return with an intergalactic music video for ‘Cellophane Rainbow’

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SAFIA return with an intergalactic music video for ‘Cellophane Rainbow’

SAFIA have just dropped an new track, ‘Cellophane Rainbow‘, and with some otherworldly visuals to match. It’s just about guaranteed to get you grooving.

As their first release since their debut album in 2016, it might have been a minute, but it’s been well worth the wait. Since then, they’ve smashed sold out tours across Australia, the USA, and Europe, and hit up a ton of massive festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Falls, and Beyond the Valley.

Their latest tune, and the accompanying music video, fuse flawlessly to create a sound that darts between funky and ethereal. Viewers are launched into a pretty wild ride through an animated universe, and fly through constantly transforming landscapes and situations, from g-ups with aggressive extra-terrestrials, to soaring across galaxies. Within the chorus, the echoing vocals combine with vivid backgrounds to create something sonically and visually stunning.

Check out the official music video below for your daily dose of flute-playing aliens, evil goddesses, and a cheeky plot twist at the end. You can catch SAFIA’s renowned live show at Mountain Sounds 2018. All those details are right here.


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