Premiere: Ebony shares mellow, electronic gem ‘Skin & Bones’

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Premiere: Ebony shares mellow, electronic gem ‘Skin & Bones’

Sydney signer-songwriter Ebony has give us a tasty R&B tune for our Friday, and boy we’re keen for you to hear it. It’s smooth, slick and easy on the ears.┬áThere’s always a morning after to every rave night, and this track ‘Skin & Bones’ will serve it’s strongest purpose for when you’re going to look to music as a morning remedy.

It grooves ever so infectiously, with it’s chilled-out tone and swinging rhythm. The production is riddled with swanky clicks and clacks that are just as alluring as the overall vibe provided by Ebony. Her singing is subtle and delicate, flowing through the gentle melodies and sitting nice and comfortably with the warm instrumentation. There’s an acoustic vibe and raw feeling to the track brought about by the organic keys that comprise most of the instrumental, which really helps is making this track stand out as an easy breezer among out R&B catalogue.

We’re keen for her next set of tracks, and we highly recommend you check out this single when it releases. Keep an eye out for this one, we need more artists who wear authenticity as powerfully Ebony does. Fall head over heels for this track the way we did, it’s hard not to.

Listen below:


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