Music Your Mum Won’t Like: Introducing… Infekt

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Music Your Mum Won’t Like: Introducing… Infekt

And I mean ‘music your mum won’t like’ in the best of ways. Like when you were 12 listening to Linkin Park and telling your mum that it wasn’t just a phase. Except now you’re all grown up, and all the cool kids listen to riddim.

Anybody who’s anybody in the heavy bass scene is familiar with heavy hitter ‘Infekt’. He toured Australia just recently, demolishing clubs with soul crushing, earth shattering bass.

But if you HAVEN’T, in fact, heard of Infekt… Hi, hello, bonjour, welcome to the the wonkiest shit you’ll ever hear.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Germany’s very own Harry Potter of riddim, because more massive tracks and big things are soon to be revealed.


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