Lowkey a really great chill session tune.

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Lowkey a really great chill session tune.

Kai Mella is an exclusive group of friends that aspire to capture the youthful energy in today’s Hip Hop & Rap variety. Remaining true to the music roots they’ve grown from, this group is purposed for the art itself keeping creativity on the forefront. Lowkey Alcohol is a gentle on the ears, chilled out, hip hop tune. It’s “on sound” (like on-brand, but better) with a similar variety of hip hop penetrating Soundcloud of late, perhaps at the forefront of this is Russ? Anyhoo, A great wave of hip hop youngster’s out there doing great, far from low key, things.

“In a newly created friendship and showcasing of artistry, kkami had produced a beat that sparked inspiration. The lyrics for the song came from a night of writing some loose ideas that could appeal to the energy of the production. After a few drinks and the occasional smoke break, we had all realized that what soon became “Lowkey Alcoholic”  was progressing very organically and we continued to ride that wave to the end.” – Kai Mella



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