Floating Points shares club-ready cut, ‘Ratio’

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Floating Points shares club-ready cut, ‘Ratio’

UK producer Floating Points has dropped a straightforward, pumping tech-house tune that comes as a taste of good things to come.

Titled ‘Ratio’, the track comes as a 3-minute slice of a forthcoming 19-minute house anthem. But this radio edit that we’ve been provided at the moment can very much satisfy us for the wait.

It is not quite as abstract as his previous works, but it still very much sits in that progressive realm of house and techno. It moves nicely, switching from a bright, synth-driven first half to some more bass-centric grooving until it eventually rounds up to an end.

If nothing else, the radio cut of ‘Ratio’ acts as a teaser for what is to come on the extended version. With that said, the track still moves to an interesting, subtle groove, definitely gravitating toward the cerebral side of techno, rather than the visceral side. This is not quite a floor-filler as it is a hypnotiser, definitely something we appreciate in our house/techno.

The full version is out on October 19th, hopefully we get an EP on the way. Even if his last album dropped earlier this year, we’re always down for more Floating Points.


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