Abernation apologises for that heavy Tigerlily hit piece

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Abernation apologises for that heavy Tigerlily hit piece

Last week, LA based writer Patrick Shannon (@Abernation) wrote an inflammatory hit piece (which has since been pulled) on Australia’s DJ Tigerlily, where he expressed his opinion towards the way in which Tigerlily uses Instagram as a marketing tool. In short, he didn’t like it, and over the course of the article proceeded to slam Tigerlily’s use of Instagram into the ground as though it was personally effecting him in some way. It was an intense read…

Naturally, this outraged a lot of people – us included – and today he has shared an apology.

Published to Medium.com, the website that shared the original article, Shannon details his own personal issues at the time of writing the piece, saying that he was “battling my own moral philosophy”.

He says “I dragged an innocent person into my personal mess, and in keeping up with my emotional detachment, I spit up vile, insensitive dribble at her expense.”

“It was wrong to imply that I had the authority to force my values on another person. Individuals are born with the autonomy to judge themselves and only themselves. I am currently working through that process.”

It’s good of Shannon to share an apology, but we just hope he has actually learnt from this mistake and thinks twice before dragging someone again. Read his full apology here.

What do you make of it all?


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