10 things you need to know before bustin-a-move in da club

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10 things you need to know before bustin-a-move in da club

We all enjoy a good boogie at the local soirée, but more often than not you can end up looking like a total schmuck doing so. It’s not always your fault, not everyone is gifted with coordination after a few drinks.

Local singer-songwriter/party starter Florian prides herself on her moves when taking to the club, from the vivid outfits to the finely crafted dance anthems she puts out – she’s got it down to a fine art.

We caught up with Florian this week ahead of her show at Sosueme and got her help carving out some officially unofficial guidelines for bustin-a-move in da CLUUURB, because – lets face it – we all know at least one person who needs help in this area.

Here are the results of our dance floor brainstorm. Any pointers you’d add?

1: No one wants to be the first on the dance floor but someones gotta do it. Be that guy…Everyone looooves that guy.

2: Leave your inhibitions at the door and dance the way you wanna! There is no greater enjoyment in my eyes than watching someone dance their ass off like no one’s watching.

3: Clapping on the 1 and 3 should be illegal in all countries. There is no excuse for that kind of numbskullery.

4: Ladies, comfortable shoes are key. Nothing worse than seeing a girl’s boogie being tarnished by the inability to dance in heels and also… being stepped on by someone else’s high heel f*cking sucks so stahp!

5: Guys – this is a biggie – don’t be a creep! If you see a girl having a boogie, don’t be grinding up on her (eww). If you want to say hey, maybe offer her a cold towel or a refreshing drink, or just show her your best moves. Chances are she’s probably sweaty, drunk and doesn’t want to have a DnM right now.

6: When you can’t think of any dance moves, just channel your parents – turns out they knew what was up all along.

7: Pick your dance battles wisely. Dance battles have been known to end friendships and burn bridges.

8: Loosey goosey those hips. Adam Sandler wasn’t joking when he said “it’s all in the hips”

9: Hand’s in the air like you just don’t care is great… But wear deodorant. For the love of partying, wear some deo.

10: If all else fails, go for the step-touch. Here’s a how-to video for those in the dark.

So there have it! Our ten guidelines for all you eager movers-and-shakers out there, thanks to the hombre, Florian.

Check out her moves in the music video for ‘Star Crossed Lover’ below and on Wednesday night at Sosueme. Find more on that here.


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