There is a FREE mini-festival in Bondi this week!

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There is a FREE mini-festival in Bondi this week!

Sosueme have been curating some of our favourite parties and mini-fests for almost a decade, so in celebrating the 25th birthday week of free parties, they have come together with a killer lineup. Get ready for the Sosueme Spring Thing, coming to Beach Rd hotel in Bondi this Wednesday, and featuring the likes of Ruby Fields, Sex on Toast, Robongia and Godlands. 

If there’s one thing we can guarantee will be cool about a Sosueme party, is the versatility in the lineup. While being co-headlined by the Sosueme DJ’s, we’re getting all sorts of alternative genres and artists coming into the mix here for the big stage. It’ll be a very entertaining night and one to keep you on your toes. So no matter what you’re into, you’ll probably pick up on something that tickles your fancy when your down here. Plus it’s free. Who doesn’t like a free soiree?

The night takes place on Wednesday the 27th of September. If you’re a music fan or just love a good party, don’t sleep on this!


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