The importance of midweek parties in Sydney’s nightlife scene

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The importance of midweek parties in Sydney’s nightlife scene

In the wise words of Australian soft-rock legend Pete Murray, Sydney nightlife has seen better days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing going on.

For me, the lockout laws were introduced at the peak of my clubbing career. As a uni student with an exceptionally average part-time job that funded my urge to guzzle down vodka raspberries whenever the opportunity rose, I saw an industry strangled into submission from the thriving, vibrant scene it was to something that we constantly have to fight for.

But amidst the turmoil of Sydney’s nightlife, there are still weekly shin-digs doing their part for the scene and making it work.

One such weekly event is Sosueme, at Bondi’s Beach Road hotel. It runs every Wednesday, and has been doing so for years. Through the good and the bad.

We caught up with Madi Carr, the party liaison at Sosueme, to chew the fat about her experiences with nightlife pre and post lockouts, here she sees nightlife going in the near future and the importance of offering a weekly, mid-week party.

Stoney Roads: Hey Madi! Firstly, How long has Sosueme been going for?

Madi Carr: HI!!! You know what nearly 10 years. My boss started it years ago at the unicorn on Oxford St then it moved to Q Bar and now its been at Beach Road for a good 5 or 6 years and I’ve been steering this ship for 4.

SR: Why do you think it’s important to offer midweek party’s such as this?

M: I mean you gotta support the scene. Especially mid-week because people tend to get stuck in this I cant leave the house Monday to Friday cos apparently I’m still a high schooler mind set , and then have huge blow outs on the weekend. Instead when maybe live music could be enjoyed mid week as well ? Also its not in the CBD so for some quite convenient, nay refreshing?

Winston Surfshirt performing live @ Sosueme

SR: Have you noticed the effect of the lockout laws in nightlife since they were introduced? Do you think being on a week night has been beneficial in relation to lockout laws?

M: Definitely. Kings Cross is a sad place. I actually think that people not invested in the industry like ourselves care a bit less about going out and have become quite apathetic so as such have likewise felt the crunch even though we were never open past 1am.

SR: Sosueme offers a broad range of music – indie rock, electronic – all bases are covered which is rare in the club circuit. Does this help set you guys apart?

M: I think so! I like to think the punters trust us to present quality music accessible to most people no matter what genre it is. In that way they also get exposure to new sounds and perhaps new passions!

SR: Looking to the future now, where do you see Sydney nightlife in the next five years?

M: I hope we get rowdier. Down with apathy! Lets KEEP talking about lock out laws as an inherent issue affecting Sydney culture , rather thank just thinking its old news and rolling over.

You can get along to Sosueme every Wednesday. This week the crew have tee’d up Jacuzzi Boys (US), Wild Honey and POW Negro among others. See more on the event here.


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