Slim Set’s insight into the Australian underground scene

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Slim Set’s insight into the Australian underground scene

Hailing from Parramatta, eclectic hip-hop duo Slim Set have crafted a solid underground following with their unforgiving take on electronica-meets-hip hop.

The pair – made up of Atro and Dev – have had a big 12-months, supporting the likes of AJ Tracey, Antwon and Father. They have been busy working on their forthcoming EP and a high-octane live set that blends grime, trap and Western Sydney.

We caught up with Slim Set ahead of their slot at Sosueme in Bondi tonight to see who they are looking to as some of the most exciting names in the underground scene right now.


Don’t care what anyone says. Aussie Rap is actually sick you’re just not listening proper. UstaOner is one of the best in our gen to do it.


Atro: Corin’s on some other level… there’s no one like her anywhere. Plus she performs live on keys like she’s Mozart. Proper virtuoso. So keen for her new tracks!

Strict Face

Atro: Stricty is a wizard on the decks and on produccy. Level 99 Mage. This one’s a certified summer stompa.


Dev: I think Atro showed us a vid of Spacegirl Fly spitting on a Shantan mix at 140 in like 2011? This is our old school aye.


Atro: Been a fan of Haz since this diss vid from a couple years back. That katana opening is legendary.

Triple One

Shout out Trip1. Gave us some of our first gigs, got another heavy track coming out with Marty.

Kimchi Princi & VK

Dev: Fuck I wanna leak new shit off her next tape but that’d be dog. Legit there’s a track on it that starts with F and has three letters that could blow her up. This will fill that hole for now.

That Kid Kearve

Dev: Haha Atro wouldn’t rate this but I’m a mad fan of KEARVEEE since he was fifteen. I love this track way too much. Deadset Western Sydney has the sound.

What do you make of their list? Any artists you’d add in? Check out Slim Set’s latest release below to get a taste of what these dudes are putting out.


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