ZHU just dropped a new 4-track EP

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ZHU just dropped a new 4-track EP

LA producer ZHU has unleashed a brand new EP, ‘stardustexhalemarrakechdreams‘.

The project follows a string of remixes and originals over the past year, and has really come out of left field with no real promotion leading up to it’s release over the weekend.

On top of this, ZHU has also announced a new venture with Spotify, teaming up for a new, exclusive playlist called mint – a rebranding of the popular playlist electroNOW.

“The launch of our flagship electronic playlist, mint, represents the unique pieces of the culture and the global audience that lives and breathes it,” said Austin Kramer, Global Head of Electronic. “Electronic music is incredibly diverse and ever-fresh. mint is the condition. Having ZHU a part of this launch was a natural fit as he embodies the culture, and has been introducing undeniable style.  Once you see the videos on mint, you’ll get it. There is no turning back now for dance music on Spotify and in the industry.” – Austin Kramer, Global Programming Head of mint.

The playlist can be found here. For now, listen to ZHU’s new EP below. What’s your favourite tune on the project?


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