Kllo set some serious mood on new single ‘Downfall’

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Kllo set some serious mood on new single ‘Downfall’

If you put euphoria and soul together, lay it with stunning vocals you’ve got an(other) effortless and well-crafted song by Melbourne duo Kllo. The duo shared a beautiful and stunning new track titled Downfall and it’s the last piece written for the pair’s upcoming debut album.

Downfall is a sentimental piece of music. From the airy synths, soft percussion, steady warm beat and mesmerising vocals, the duo have made their latest release a powerful finish to their forthcoming Backwater album. With a month to go till the album is released, Downfall is a strong indication of what to expect from the album and we can’t wait!

‘We wrote it on a balcony in Croatia overlooking the water. It was very beautiful there, warm and still. We were in a good space, reflecting on everything we’d gone through, but also how much we’d grown through making Backwater (debut album). It’s a reminder to not get too caught up in your head, to not dwell on the negative things.’ – Kllo

Cop Downfall now!


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