You can now download DJ Screw’s entire discography
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You can now download DJ Screw’s entire discography

DJ Screw, born Robert Earl Davis, Jr, was an ambassador in hip-hop production during his years in the scene, releasing over 200 mixtapes chock-full of heat that are now available to download in full.

The website Datpizz has dished up every single mixtape from the late and great artist’s stacked catalogue, all available to download. With that said, you can also still purchase the physical works of DJ Screw via Screwed Up Records.

DJ Screw rose to prominence in the 90s, coining the chopped and screwed style of reworking that is still prominent with modern production.

So if you’re eager for a large amount of DJ Screw magic in your life, click here and get downloading. While we have you, enjoy some of his chopped up gold below.


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