Some absolute mad-man has downloaded the entire catalogue of SoundCloud. All 900TB of it!

This insane task was made by a Redditor, who claims they did it over a weekend at 80gb per second - an internet speed we Aussies could only dream of.

This obscure news follows last week's fears that SoundCloud was about to go down the gurgler, after stripping their staff down by 40% and supposedly only having enough money to survive the next 50 days. This has since been denied by SoundCloud, who say it is "just noise".

Regardless, some people are obviously scared of losing their tunes for some reason, so much so this guy has just downloaded the whole shebang.

When questioned of the authenticity of his claim, he responded with a 100GB log file. The proof is there. Wow.

Check out the full thread right here. Do you have a spare 900TB?


(Source: Digital Music News)