Kayzo shares his 5 artists to keep an eye on!

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Kayzo shares his 5 artists to keep an eye on!

When it comes to up-and-coming artists, it’s pretty hard to narrow it down when the playing field just keeps getting bigger. That’s why we go ask the pros!

One of the most prominent selectors in the bass world right now, Kayzo, is currently jetting around our sunburnt country on a stacked tour, and we caught up with him to see who he has been keeping tabs on as the next-gen in the scene.

Kayzo will be taking to The MET this Friday with support from our boy NOY, to mark the midway point of his tour. Be sure to get along if you;re in town.

For now, check out his selections of up-and-comers to watch below. Any you’d add?


I’ve been a huge fane of Rezz ever since she first broke out, but the difference between her and other artists I find early on is that she has tapped into her unique sound and made a genre of her own almost. I really respect that as I tend to focus and make music with the same mindset.

2: G4SHI

G4SHI in my eyes is one of the most promising hip hop artists in the US to break out in a very long time. From his writing to the way he carries himself, G4SHI to me is the real deal.


The way Joyryde is able to make an absolute banger, but still find a way to incorporate a catchy melody on a drop with insane sound design blows my mind.


Gammer had been a huge inspiration to me musically. He has introduced me to many different methods of producing and has given me a ton of musical insight.


Micah is a dark horse on the list. He is a vocalist that contacted me on a random email earlier this year. I thought what the hell, I’ll take a listen. The vocals he sent over were mind blowing and so unique. He comes from a rock band and in my opinion sonically sound lots like Rob Swire which I resonate and love. He is featured on my upcoming release Feel The Power that comes out July 18th . We have loads of collabs in the works and I can’t wait to show everyone.


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