How Mansionair survived Splendour In The Grass

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How Mansionair survived Splendour In The Grass

As exciting as Splendour In The Grass is, the annual festival often takes it out of you.

Thankfully, musical outfit/festival veterans Mansionair have some pro-tips for surviving the madness that is the Splendour bender.

We caught up with the Sydney trio after their set at Red Bull Sound Select to see how they manage to get through this annual weekend of orchestrated mayhem.

Dive into their hot tips below. Any you’d add?

1: Get up and see the earlier bands.

It is actually so worth it. The crowds are not as intense and you get to see amazing acts before they blow up. I come home every year with at least 5 new favourite artists. There’s a reason they’re on the Splendour line up.

2: Check your radiator

I once drove my boss’s car to Splendour. After a great weekend I was greeted with the Monday blues and a car that wouldn’t start. Eventually I got it going and hit the road, only to hear a pop in the engine. After calling a tow truck and getting to a mechanic I was told I’d have to abandon the car. I then had hire a van to get back to Sydney…

3: Shower at night after the festival finishes for the day.

I know this sounds stupid but there’s never a line for the showers at the end of the night. The catch is you still have to be able to stand, so this may not be for all of you.

4: Byron Bay Doughnuts are your best friend

That shit’s delicious. We actually met outside of this a few years ago. So Byron Bay doughnuts were literally the reason Mansionair started

5: Careful of lamb bones

Whilst having a great time dancing away I decided to go grab a bite to eat. I chose the lamb roll and three bites in I hit a bone and half my tooth came out. I danced my way out of it but was greeted with a hefty dentist bill once I got home

Hopefully you festival heads had similar plans of attack for Splendour. What are some pointers of your own? Maybe Mansionair’s latest track will help rinse off that festival hangover.



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