When it comes to clubbing, nowhere in the world trumps Berghain. Be it in it's exclusivity, reputation or just simply the music that is on offer; it seems to have everywhere else in check.

It is certainly not easy to get into Berghain - as anyone would tell you - however for those of us yet to venture into Berlin's techno stronghold, fear not - we have all the music right here.

A crew of die-hard Berghain stans have come together and playlisted all the tracks you can hear at Berghain. and yes, it's big.

The playlist is a whopping 941-tracks strong so far and looks to be only growing.

Dive into the full techno-heavy playlist below, and if you were interested in what the Berghain experience is like, check out our review. We're certain you will enjoy it.


(Source: inthemix)