Watch Aphex Twin’s utterly cooked Field Day 2017 set

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Watch Aphex Twin’s utterly cooked Field Day 2017 set

Last week, NTS Radio announced a collaboration with none other than Aphex Twin.

After a few obscure posts that built up the hype, NTS finally revealed that the veteran producer’s 2017 Field Day set would be live streamed, and we couldn’t be happier.

The event took place over the weekend, and for those who watched it live, you can back us up on just how cooked yet captivating it was. Both musically and visually.

We’re not exactly sure sure how this was all achieved, but everything from the crowd, the visual effects to the general artistic direction of this 2-hour live stream was incredible and extremely fucking weird. As you’d hope.

Watch the full set below, and enjoy. Any favourite crowd members?


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