Sydney’s Korky Buchek drop stellar collab ‘Consumed’

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Sydney’s Korky Buchek drop stellar collab ‘Consumed’

You might not know of them as of yet, but Korky Buchek is a name you will want to jot down after hearing this absolute clanga’.

Back with their first single in a hot minute, the Sydney based two-piece take things in a more ‘future beats’ direction on the track ‘Consumed’, calling in their friend and vocalist Pearl to help out.

The track starts off slowly, gradually building in instrumentation and intensity as Pearl’s lush vocal range floats throughout. This is then smacked with a heaving clash of synth chords and eclectic instrumental gestures as the tune reaches it’s apex.

Korky Buchek have been busy dudes as of late, producing a handful of tracks for Kwame and recently flipping Quails’ ‘Almost’ earlier in the year.

If anything, this latest offering displays an exciting progression in their sound and we’re stoked to hear more from these dudes in the near future.

Listen to ‘Consumed’ ft. Pearl below and tell us what you make of it.


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