Meet Adamn Killa: The rapper working with Shlohmo, Brodinski, UV Boi and more
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Meet Adamn Killa: The rapper working with Shlohmo, Brodinski, UV Boi and more

Written by Gurvin ‘The Man In The West’ Dhillon

(Photos courtesy of Who The Plug’s @markybymarc)

God damn’ might be the only statement you have to say about rap music in 2017. Whether or not you are a fan of the current state of rap music, you’ll be saying ‘GOD DAMN ADAMN’ for all the right reasons after giving Adamn Killa’s debut album ‘ I AM ADAMN’ a listen. The Chicago born, now L.A based rapper has been making heads turn with mixtapes like ‘Libra Season’, ‘Back 2 Ballin’ and ‘Mr. 650’. 

Gaining more attention than ever with ‘Back 2 Ballin’ thanks to a wide range of producers from DJ Smokey, Dolan Beats, Shlohmo, Blank Body, HNRK, DJ Heroin and many more lending a hand to let Adamn do his thing. Almost every song off ‘Back 2 Ballin’ is a certified hit, with tracks like ‘-ods#t=6">Adamn Superstar’, ‘Luol Deng’, ‘-ods&index=6">Mavericks’, ‘">Rag N Bone’ and the unexpected bonus track featuring Sad Boys one and only Yung Lean for ‘Ten’.


Yung Lean

Directed by Rigel Kilston

Adamn the superstar then followed up with another mixtape solely produced by DP Beats to conquer 2016. His witty, humorous lyrics and wordplay are enough to draw new fans his way. If you aren’t one to pay enough attention to his lyrics and unique flow, which are so distinctive with repetitive hooks that’ll stay with you for a lifetime, the producers he gets to work with will leave you scratching your head asking yourself why no other rapper his age are collaborating and reaching the heights that Adamn is reaching.

With nothing new from Adamn for sometime, bar a couple surprising tracks out of the blue with ‘">Saddler’ and ‘">Commas’, fans had no clue if they’d hear anything else new from their pink dreaded hero. Then in early February a new single appeared with old friend Shlohmo behind the beat for another collaboration titled ‘Spin’.



You could basically say it was the follow up to their last song ‘Ten’ leaving you wanting more music and more encouragement to get that gwop and have that money in your hand. You could almost feel something brewing in the Adamn camp, just anticipating his next steps, you wont be sure who will work with him next or have featured alongside him. While Adamn was waiting for the right moment before dropping his album, his partner in crime Killavesi dropped her mixtape ‘Run & Hide’ in the meantime. Taking the same route as her mans, Killavesi had no features on her mixtape, just exceptional A-grade production behind her vocals from the likes of; Hi Tom, DJ Karaoke, Blank Body, Lil Shde, Group Chat, Jay Yeah, and WEDIDIT Collective’s D33J and Shlohmo.





With the announcement of I AM ADAMN set to drop on May 31st, two producers featuring on the project from Brodinski to Ryan Hemsworth dropped ‘Roseland Baby (prod. 8tm)’ and ‘Turtle Feet (prod. Ikaz Boi)’ early. Both tracks were dropped in two consecutive OVO mixes for the whole world to hear. By the time Adamn was ready for everyone to hear the whole album, the visuals for his main single ‘Turtle Feet’ dropped simultaneously.

With 16 tracks encompassing just under 1 hour of pure energy, emotion and everyday life struggle, Adamn does his best to bring his story to life so listeners can picture and understand what he has to say. Apart from both Brodinski and Ryan producing the album, Adamn also had more French dons alongside Brodinski like Sam Tiba, Ikaz Boi, Myd, and 8TM.



8TM – “Both songs I produced on ‘I AM ADAMN’ are very different:

“Roseland Baby” is on a really weird Timbaland vibe while” 2 Minutes” has more of that old school rap feeling. Adamn bridged the gap between those tracks easily. That’s really impressive.”


Ryan Hemsworth

With the French arsenal bringing the heat on some of the most technical and futuristic beats for the rapper yet, Dolan Beats, Shlohmo and Australia’s UV Boi also backed Adamn up with their signature sounds that can be picked be heard from a mile away.

UV Boi – “Working with Adamn brings out a brand new life to the music. He is able to introduce ideas to the music that I would have never thought of, and that’s what’s most important when collaborating.

Adamn being so versatile no matter if the track is strange has a wild melody or whether the tempo is fast or slow, he can ride the beat with ease. When producing the tracks I wanted to get Adamn a range of that. And well… it worked perfectly. More to come between me and my mans.”

If Adamn keeps things up, he won’t have any trouble in making a name for himself, with a European and Asia tour on his radar this year, maybe Australia will be ready as well. After listening to his album there’s no denying that Adamn is from the future gracing all of the ears living in the now.

8TM – “The whole project is great. Most of the producers involved know each other, our music really links up thru the album and yet every track is different. This is really good. Shouts to everyone involved & props to Will for making it happen.”

If you still haven’t gone off and started listening to ‘I AM ADAMN’ on your own accord then you’ve done something wrong or you just haven’t grasped everything you just read. To keep up with everything Adamn-related follow him across his social media accounts, and for the next instalment of his visuals don’t sleep on Homespun Media Group.


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