Kayzo shares bass-heavy single ‘Whistle Wars’

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Kayzo shares bass-heavy single ‘Whistle Wars’

For a dose of heavy bass and some pretty wild sound design, LA-based producer Kayzo‘s newest release is exactly what you need if you’re looking for something in that department. Kayzo has been off to a great start this year. After a big collab with RIOT, Kayzo had people bouncing off the walls after throwing it down in a huge B2B set with Jauz, Herobust, Ookay and Getter & Slushii at Holy Ship this year.

Bass-heavy track Whistle Wars is Kayzo‘s fourth single so far this year. Whistle Wars combines Trap with Bro-step making it quite an intense tune. Whistle Wars starts with a bright plucked melody and a fast-paced drum break. The grinding synths carry the track from a light and ebullient tune into a dark, thunderous banger. There’s loads of high-energy percussion and gritty vocal chops giving Whistle Wars some nice characteristics. The whole thing is quite mental so be prepared.

Stream Whistle Wars below!


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