Aphex Twin launches mysterious countdown on his website

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Aphex Twin launches mysterious countdown on his website

Just when you thought Aphex Twin had filled his ‘mystery’ quota for the year, he’s back again, this time launching a countdown on his Warp Records website.

The countdown, which leads to July 6th, has raised questions as to what the UK-born producer is up to this time, coming off the back of a similar, equally as mysterious hype-build with NTS Radio last week that lead to a bizarre live stream of his Field Day 2017 set. Watch that here.

It also follows the surprising release of a new 12″, which leads me to believe we might be getting a bigger project come July 6. But, who really knows. We know better than to get our hopes too high.

If anything more is unveiled we will keep you updated. For now, glue an eye to his website, and relive his cooked Field Day set below.


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