Yellow Claw Tee Up Three Exclusive Aussie Dates
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Yellow Claw Tee Up Three Exclusive Aussie Dates

Yellow Claw have just dropped a music video for their huge track “City On Lockdown (ft Juicy J & Lil Debbie)” ahead of their few exclusive Aussie shows.

The video, which looks like a bit of a play on your standard rap video, ticks some interesting boxes and adds some cute cartoons to mix it up. Synced up perfectly to the music, at the very least it’s a fun watch.

Yellow Claw are hitting Aus for three exclusive dates in May, you can catch them at The Met in Brisbane on the 5th, Max Watts in Sydney on 6th and a Me- wait no. For some reason they’re doing an Adelaide show on the 4th and not a Melbourne one.

Check out the video clip below and tell us what you think, are you heading along to any of the events?


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