Touch Sensitive just dropped his first track in 4-years

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Touch Sensitive just dropped his first track in 4-years

It’s been a very long time coming, but Australia’s groove king Touch Sensitive has released his first new track in 4-bloody-years.

The track, titled ‘Lay Down’, is a slow-jam from the Sydney based producer, who dishes up some familiar, house keys with a looping vocal sample that build sup into a Summery climax.

Bar a couple of remixes here and there, ‘Lay Down’ marks the first official release since his ha-uuge 2013 single ‘Pizza Guy’. I’m sure we all remember that gem.

Speaking on the tune, and his long breaks between releases, Touch Sensitive says “I’ve always had a two or three year gap between releases, so why break the tradition now?…. Whenever I make something, I ask myself two questions, ‘Would I keep this in my iTunes?’ and ‘Would I show this to my friends?’ That’s really how I judge music.”

Fair enough! The track also comes with news of a US headline tour in the near future, however there is no mention of any Aus shows or an EP in the works as of yet. Time will tell.

Listen to ‘Lay Down’ below and celebrate the return of the Don.


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