Boiler Room is always a great way to find some light entertainment. Be it for the musical aspect or instead the sheer humour that often arises from the crowds that go along.

A YouTube channel has come to our attention courtesy of Reddit that showcases all the best and worst moments in Boiler Room's colourful history, and it has certainly filled a void that none of us even knew was there.

'The People of Boiler Room' has been uploading compilations of some of the very best/most cooked crowd moments from Boiler Room history, adding their own take on some of the weirdest, gurned-out conversations, dance moves and general brain spasms that have gone down on camera over the years.

This isn't the first time some eager internet users have taken aim at Boiler Room's 'eclectic' crowd for some harmless fun; just a few years back a blog popped up that had us weak at the knees with Boiler Room gifs and screenshots. Vintage internet gold.

'The People of Boiler Room' currently has 6 episodes as well as some extras on their channel, all of which you can stream here. Peep the first episode below.

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