The Best Live Performers In Electronic Music

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The Best Live Performers In Electronic Music

Reddit is good for a lot of things, and the sub-reddit page r/electronicmusic is often a go-to location for new music releases, news and general appreciation.

But amidst all the tunes, sometimes discussion points arise and it gets the clogs of the mind working over time.

In this case, one user has offered up the question of best and worst live performers in the genre, and the answers might surprise you.

To start off, we’re going to focus on the ‘best’ selections. Keeping things positive. We will follow up with an article on the worst live performers as chosen by users in the r/electronicmusic community in the near future.

For now, dive into the tip-top performers in electronic music below.




Porter Robinson And Madeon

Koan Sound




Don Diablo

What So Not

You can check out more selections from the thread right here, but this is just a starter for you to enjoy. Who would you add or argue against?


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