New York Police Can No Longer Shut Down Loud House Parties

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New York Police Can No Longer Shut Down Loud House Parties

There’s not much worse when you’ve decided to have a little (maybe big) shindig at your house on a Saturday night, only to get a knock on the door at 11pm being told to turn the music down.

Apparently in New York City, however, it was worse as just turning the music down wasn’t the case if police showed up. A door knock could regularly involve a police intrusion, some equipment confiscation and even lawsuits.

As such, a new mandate from NYC Police has come out essentially saying that they’re no longer allowed to enter properties from just a noise complaint, the patrol guide stating:

“the decision to forcibly enter into private or semi-private premises to correct noise complaints will ONLY be made by a precinct commander/duty captain and ONLY as a last resort, after requests to stop the noise have been ignored”.

How do the laws stack up in Australia? Have you ever had an experience where police have forcibly entered your home for a house party or noise complaint? Let us know below!

[Via: Mixmag]


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