Lapalux shares brooding new collab from forthcoming album

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Lapalux shares brooding new collab from forthcoming album

English producer Stuart Howard, better known as Lapalux, has released a dark new collaboration from his forthcoming album, ‘Ruinism‘.

The track, titled ‘Flickering’, features the angelic vocals of Icelandic songstress Jófríður Ákadóttir (JFDR), who helps creates a stark contrast from the dark, heavy instrumental work Lapalux injects into this latest cut that was touched on with the first single off the record, ‘">Rotted Arp‘ featuring Louisahhh, as well.

Speaking on the recording process, JFDR says “Stu [Lapalux] and I got together in London when I had just run out the door in Iceland with my laptop and passport – and literally nothing else – so I was in a perfect state of chaos, freedom and exhaustion” 

“The tune came together quite quickly, the only rule I got from Stu was that it couldn’t be about ‘love’. I really like the result, it has a perfect balance of that melancholia-but-you-still-keep-on-going feeling.” 

Lapalux’s new album ‘Ruinism’ is set for a release on June 30 via Brainfeeder and Inertia Music. Stream ‘Flickering’ below and see what you think.


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