With so many years under their belts in a respective genre or sound, it’s more than understandable to think that musicians sometimes get super sick of being pigeon holed. While Deadmau5 has made a name for himself in both the progressive and electro side of the scene, and a name just about everywhere for his antics online, over the weekend he sought to prove he knows a thing or two about techno.

The world is no stranger to artists creating Spotify playlists of some of their favourites or what they’re listening to in the moment, but Deadmau5 has gone further than anyone else and made a techno playlist of 496 tracks. Four hundred and ninety-six tracks. All up that’s almost two full days worth of listening – 46 hours if you want to get technical.

You might be saying “well surely the standard isn’t kept up through that whole time, right?” Well, it’s made up in part of a whole bunch of artists on his own label mau5trap. BlackGummy, No Mana and ATTLAS are just a few, with some of Deadmau5 own gems fleshing the whole thing out. So while we’re sure he thinks it’s of a very high quality, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

See you in two days!