CVBZ – Be Like You (Sean Turk Remix)
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CVBZ – Be Like You (Sean Turk Remix)

Today we are excited to share with you Sean Turk’s official remix of CVBZ’s “Be Like You” that is OUT NOW on ULTRA RECORDS.

Sean Turk is a New York native who was raised in a musical household. His father plays the violin, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, double bass, cello, drums and more (you can see where he gets his love for piano, drums and violin from).

Sean fell in love with this original. When CVBZ and his team asked for him to remix it, there was no doubt in his mind. Mr. Turk had a few words to say on future releases and the importance of this remix;

“I look forward to sharing my own originals here soon, but wanted to share this CVBZ remix because “Be Like You” ismore than just a song. It’s a message about loving who you are. CVBZ absolutely crushed this and I hope you enjoy my take on it.”


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