UK’s Cleric Chats About the Current State of Techno, His Newest EP, and Playing Len Faki’s Party
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UK’s Cleric Chats About the Current State of Techno, His Newest EP, and Playing Len Faki’s Party

Cleric is a name that is slowly climbing the ranks of the underground techno scene, as a result of solid release after solid release.

The Manchester-based producer has proved this once again with the 7th release on his own Clergy imprint, titled Rules of Reality. The EP takes a journey through fully-focused, highly-distilled techno purity, leading from the outset with a thumping drum groove. Cleric has highlighted the last year of his career with featuring at Len Faki and Awakenings Figure Nacht party, and pairing up again with other UK artist Reflec for his Works Unit project.

Stoney Roads were lucky enough to chat to Cleric about his last few years, how he constructed his latest project, and what it was really like playing for that Len Faki party.

Stoney Roads (SR): Tell us about your newest release, Rules of Reality. How did the concept form and where did you get your inspiration for it?

Cleric (CL): I wanted to compose a release that was a slightly different direction to my previous releases. While playing abroad often I have been able to experience more a variety of different approaches to the clubbing culture and I feel this has shaped & matured my sound in a way. I guess a change will always come over time and I feel that in my studio work at the moment.

SR: In what ways do you feel this project differs from your Works Unit collaboration with Reflec? Specifically, why did you feel the need to get out some more industrial sounds on Rules of Reality?

CL: We wanted to add more lighter musical elements in our music with Works Unit, maybe even release a more house oriented style EP in the future. Whereas with my solo project I have always explored more of a industrial techno sound, something that suits the 7am dark smoke filled room. Even more so with the Rules of Reality EP.

SR: Tell us about your recent set at the Awakenings x Len Faki Figure Nacht event. How was the whole thing, and what were the specific highlights for you?

CL: I was playing the warm up which is a bit different for me but I actually really enjoyed it. To me it’s a really important set of the night, where getting the balance was important. Too hard and everyone will be tired at 8am. Too soft then it might be a too big of a transition to the next DJ…..
…..Maybe we should of applied this thought process to our drinking. I think everyone was a little worse for wear come 8am.

SR: As someone who is one of the many artists leading the charge for UK techno on the world stage, what’s your opinion on England’s current techno scene? What artists do you take inspiration?

CL: I wouldn’t go that far, but thank you. There has always been a great techno scene in the UK, its just a bit more prominent nowadays. Manchester is still a growing scene but London has great nights week in week out.
There are some great younger artists born in the UK that are impacting the techno scene now. People like Dax J, Blawan, Setaoc Mass, Reflec, but there is still the older generation that has always been leading the way. Artists like James Ruskin, Ingio Kennedy, Surgeon, Luke slater, Regis, Phase etc etc
Listen to Cleric’s newest release below, via the Soundcloud player. It is available on digital and vinyl, via the purchase link below. Be quick, as it has already sold out on notable outlets Juno, Hard Wax, and Deejay.



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