Trippy Turtle Returns With High-Energy Rework, ‘Slide’
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Trippy Turtle Returns With High-Energy Rework, ‘Slide’

Trippy Turtle‘s Slide is everything you’d expect it to be if you’ve been following TT‘s timeline of releases and gigs. Trippy‘s always had a knack for sampling high profile artists and manipulating the edits into catchy hooks and stabs. This has been a signature move from the turtle since day one and is making the producer’s tunes extremely recognisable within the dance community.

The renowned club turtle dropped a thumping new track last night and it boasts high energy, chippy vocal cuts (including his trademark high-pitched line ‘bring it back’) and a big booming bottom end to support those Jersey kicks. This time round’, Trippy Turtle sampled Calvin Harris‘s Slide (feat. Frank Ocean, Migos) and like always, has nailed the vocals once again.

If you like heavy beats with a touch of sweetness and cartoon turtles, check out Trippy‘s new tune below!


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