Mr. Oizo Is Auctioning Off A 1-Of-1 Vinyl Record

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Mr. Oizo Is Auctioning Off A 1-Of-1 Vinyl Record

French electro fans, this one is for you! A reconstructed Mr. Oizo vinyl record, that is literally 1-of-1, is currently up for grabs on eBay.

The 12-inch record is currently sitting at $580USD as punters bid away for this rich piece of electro history. The best part? This record is actually being auctioned off by Mr. Oizo himself, and whoever ends up coming up on top will receive a “special gift” as an added extra.

Speaking on the record, he writes;

This very limited piece of art has been handcrafted and signed by the artist himself (Quentin Dupieux aka Mr Oizo aka me.). Just like any other piece of art, this unique object is of course fragile and intentionally not perfect.  Do not expect a brand new record or you’ll be very disappointed, this one has been manipulated, cut and glued! It’s playable on any turntable but may damage the needle or eventually destroy it. To enjoy the best of this reconstructed vinyl record, I highly recommend using a scratch-friendly turntable.

Check the record out in action right here, as well as some photos below.

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