LIA LIA Shares Debut Single ‘OLYMP’ And Accompanying Video
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LIA LIA Shares Debut Single ‘OLYMP’ And Accompanying Video

Words by Maria Wang

Move over Lana, LIA LIA (Live Impact Area Legacy Interface Adapter) is your new sad-pop princess. You may not recognise her name for now, but the 19-year-old Berlin-based singer-songwriter’s debut release has made a memorable imprint, to say the least.

OLYMP‘ is an electro-pop pleasure — soft and delicate, yet powerfully irresistible. LIA LIA‘s creamy cool vocals sing-speaks wistfully about her last beautiful summer day. The understated production, featuring grainy percussive claps and sentimental synth arpeggios, work to highlight the air of melancholy and LIA LIA‘s emotive voice.

The music video makes for a bittersweet take of the carefreeness and glamour of youth. Watch your teenage dream-girls below, and keep an eye out on LIA LIA before she blows up.


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